Auteur : Nathalie Picot

Lieutenant-colonel au Bureau Plans de l’État-major de l’Armée de l’air (EMAA).

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Cahier - 17-06-2019 - International Paris Air Show Le Bourget 2019—Air & Space Challenges for French Sovereignty and Freedom of Action - p. 99-105

Transport Aircraft and Helicopters at the Centre of Operations: Transformation and Adaptation of Air Force Projection Capabilities - Nathalie Picot, Christophe Piubeni

In words attributed to Winston Churchill, war is a transport operation—he who transports best will win. Whether overland as when, in his Russian campaign, Napoleon led over 650,000 men to the gates of Moscow in 1812, at sea as at Midway, where no fewer than seven aircraft carriers went into battle several thousand miles from their home ports in 1942 or by air to resupply and defend Na San, in Indochina, at the end of 1952, possessing the capability to project greater force and power has tipped the balance of many a campaign. Land and sea transport allow large volumes of material and men to be moved, but slowly: projection by air is the fastest method and is able to overcome numerous risks and constraints. This capability now dictates the initial size of any military engagement into a theatre of operation—its reactivity, in large measure, its durability and resilience, too. Projection by air is therefore fundamental for the forces. Lire la suite

Cahier - 14-06-2019 - Le Bourget 2019 - L’Air et l’Espace, enjeux de souveraineté et de liberté d’action de la France - p. 121-127

Avions de transport et hélicoptères au cœur des opérations : mutation et adaptation des capacités de projection de l’Armée de l’air - Christophe Piubeni, Nathalie Picot

« La guerre est une opération de transport,
le meilleur transporteur en sortira vainqueur ». Lire la suite

2 résultats